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Printhink Solutions Inc

Promotional Materials Store Please feel free to browse using either the navigation to the left or use our advanced search. This site is a huge repository of promotional product ideas, all the way from reasonably priced but high perceived value items through to very high quality, one off gifts. We pull together products offered by not one or two vendors, but thousands of vendors located around the world, each of which is focused on providing the most value in their promo product niche.

Put our knowledge about promotional products to work for you. With high quality promotional products, fast delivery times, and prices to fit all budgets, we will provide customized, relevant recommendations for you. Simply take a look around or contact us now and we'll do the shopping for you!

Marketing Material Sourcing

Right product, right time, right price

Every business needs marketing materials, including brochures, sales sheets, booklets, giveaway items and more. Printhink provides one source for all needs and is able to match your requirement to one of our suppliers, who are based throughout North America and across the globe. All you need to do is provide us the artwork and parameters, and we will find the best possible source for your company.

Corporate eStores

Brand control and resource management

For multi-site and multi-business model organizations like franchises and co-operatives, control of branding and dissemination of correct branded materials is an organizational black hole, which can suck up resources, time and employees. Printhink provides a solution which enables complete branding control and flexible online ordering of marketing materials.


Multi-Touch Marketing Campaigns

Initiate, track and monitor cross-media marketing

Developing cohesive marketing campaigns that are manageable across media such as email, regular mail, text messaging, personalised URL’s (PURL’s) and generic URL’s (GURL’s) which also provide measurable return on investment (ROI) is the holy grail of any company. Through our system, Printhink is able to provide one online dashboard to do all of the above, and more.


Signature Showrooms