About Palmetto Apparel & Embroidery

Palmetto Apparel & Embroidery was founded in 2005 by Wayne Strawbridge. Debbie Sproles joined a year later. Before founding the company, both Wayne and Debbie worked in the corporate world of apparel. In this environment, it seemed that every customer was treated as a revenue target instead of a person or business that had needs and expectations. Debbie and Wayne created Palmetto Apparel & Embroidery with the idea that the customer comes first, not the revenue stream. This gives us the flexibility to really explore our customers' needs and, hopefully, exceed them with high-quality, custom apparel and uniforms. It also means that we don't shy away from the smaller orders and we do everything in our power to satisfy the customer. I's truly about making our customers happy.

What makes Palmetto Apparel & Embroidery different?

Not only are we locally owned and operated, we create artwork, screen print and embroider all of our apparel in house. This gives us flexibility AND the ability to complete most custom orders in 10 days or less. Our staff have been with us for years – we have some of the best screen printers in town! Owners Debbie and Wayne bring their years of corporate experience to the table enabling them to handle the big orders just as well as the smaller ones. We enjoy creating real, long-term relationships in partnering with our customers and our customer service is second to none. Did we mention we deliver? If you’re in the Greater Columbia area, we’re happy to deliver your order to your home or business.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.