About Us

ICONIK BRANDING - be remembered

Make your brand stand out,  be remembered. Every business wants to be remembered for the good they have to offer (they say bad publicity is good publicity…well… not sure this applies to businesses..so let’s keep it positive shall we). Iconik will work with you to achieve this goal and incorporate promotional products with your marketing campaign.

WHAT WE DO: ICONIK BRANDING is  a distributor of Custom Promotional Products and Branded Apparel,  Awards and Corporate Gifts. Through branded marketing, we will help you promote and grow your business as well as increasing brand awareness and exposure by incorporating ad specialty products within your marketing campaign. Don't have a marketing campaign or new to marketing - no worries we'll create one for you.

WHO WE WORK W:  Here are some industries we help – Education, Entertainment, Music, Association/Non-profit, Club & Civic Organization, Hospitality, Real Estate, Technology…and more

WHEN CAN YOU REACH US: We’re always reachable via phone or emails, instant message, texting. we will not let you down.

WHERE WE DO BUSINESS:  Our Headquarter is in Calabasas, California – but no worries we have clients throughout the US, we are just a phone call or email away…

Now time to browse our website and do give us a shout, we still believe that the best form of communication is one-on-one conversation…maybe old style for some but we think the personal approach still prevail – there is no substitute for a real living breathing person- . So don’t be shy, pick up that phone and let us help you promote and reinforce  your brand.


Marie Gilman
President & Creative Director