Breed-specific Animals from USA Stock Custom-imprinted

2018 Douglas Promotional Plush Catalog

Fast Turnaround, Low Minimums (250 minimum)

While DOUGLAS offers fully custom plush designs, we know some customers require something faster and with lower minimums. Our “Stock Customization” ordering process is fast, simple, and a tremendous value. Simply select one of the Breed-specific Plush Animals from our online catalog, and we will custom imprint a bandanna, t-shirt, or collar with your message or logo. If you’re interested in seeing examples of this kind of Branded Plush Animal, contact us today.

  • Over 400 stock designs, all available in our online catalog
  • Several Custom Imprinting Options
  • Animals are also available “blank” without imprinting or branding
  • Fast Turnaround (typically 10-15 days)
  • Low Minimums (as low as 250 pieces)

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DOUGLAS can quickly create a personalized company mascot from any of our from stock designs — view the catalog to see some examples.

Examples of Our Work

A personal messenger for any occasion! With decades of experience, we’ve amassed a large list of clients and a tremendous portfolio of custom work. Examples and virtual samples are always available upon request — please contact us. If you need plush animals right away for an event or a trade show, we still stock over 400 stock breed-specific animals, including: Dog and Cat Breeds, Wildlife, Farm Animals, Horses, Sea Life, Jungle Animals, and even Teddy Bears! Most can be branded and shipped in 10-15 business days.