"I have worked with Budd Bay Promotions and Apparel for a number of years. We currently use them for Sandberg Baseball and Fastpitch uniforms and fan wear. They do a great job each year helping us design and pick the right uniforms. Their customer service is exceptional and they stand behind the orders."

  • Randy Hadland
  • Sep 17

"Great staff. Great services. Great product. Amazing business to work with! We utilize Budd Bay Promotions & Apparel for large events, community functions, and other projects."

  • Blaine Land
  • Sep 07

"The Olympia Kiwanis for Olympia Harbor Days has been using Budd Bay Apparel for years and has been happy with all services including staff, communication and products. The festival has been offering logo wear for decades and with Budd Bay has been able to increase the product offerings. They are so cool, they even staff the booth at this non-profit festival. Thank you Budd Bay Apparel!"

  • Olympia Harbor Days Director
  • Aug 31

"I have known and worked with Budd Bay Promotions & Apparel, Inc for the past 3 to 4 years. They caught my attention because I noticed that they were active in the community, worked with the schools and supported events. I visited their shop and was very impressed with the selection of products and their designs to support businesses. I believe they produce high quality promotional materials and I love the fact they are local business owners even more!"

  • Alexis Miller
  • Aug 24

"I have worked with Budd Bay Promotions on many items for my businesses. They have always provided me with the best care and service. The products are fantastic and have helped us promote our businesses in a positive way. I would highly recommend Budd Bay Promotions and Apparel."

  • Martin McElliot
  • Aug 09

"Amazing team they have here!! They are always responsive and so timely in their production! Highly recommend using them for all your embroidery needs."

  • Sarah Hendry
  • Jul 26

"Proud to be a fan of Budd Bay. One in a million family owned business for a million and one reasons!"

  • Sally Harn
  • Apr 03, 2017

"Awesome products and a business that puts our community first!"

  • Jenny LaFrenier
  • Apr 03, 2017

"They are sooo amazing! And they'll find ANYTHING for you! I will never go anywhere else!"

  • Jonni Lissner
  • Apr 03, 2017

"Customer service is amazing! I would recommend them to anyone!"

  • Sharon Kartman
  • Apr 03, 2017

"Budd Bay has been wonderful. They are great working with teams and school programs. A family owned business that treats their customers like family. My number one place to go!!"

  • Jackie Meyer
  • Apr 03, 2017

"Fantastic experience, wonderful service, gorgeous jackets - thank you so much!"

  • Tiffany Ford
  • Apr 03, 2017

"Fabulous customer service! Wonderful people."

  • Ronna Cole
  • Apr 03, 2017

"I LOVE my new uniforms. What I honestly appreciate about these guys is that it's like they read your mind. Thank you for making this easy on a small business. You are the best."

  • Marcus Harlow
  • Apr 03, 2017

"Been working with John and Lynn since before they were married!!! (20+ years). They are the VERY best! Experience matters and they know what will work and how to make it look great!"

  • Lisa Schoeffler
  • Apr 03, 2017