Where is Your Store Located?

·      6715 Martin Way E., Lacey, WA  98516

·      on-line at www.buddbay.com


 When Are You Open?

·      9 – 5, M – F.  Closed most holidays.


 Who Do You Sell To? 

·      Any school, team, company, agency, organization or person that is looking to brand, uniform, promote, reward or educate their audience.


 What Do You Sell?

·      Custom decorated products including but, not limited to; Logo Apparel, Uniforms, Promotional Products, Banners, Trade show Displays and Print Collateral.

·      Promotional Services including but, not limited to; art design, packaging, fulfillment, company stores and event sales.


 What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity?

·      12 qty. on Embroidered or Printed Apparel, (For less than 12, see below)

·      Promotional products vary depending on the item.


 Do you Do Less-Than-Minimum Orders?

·      In addition to any art, setup and shipping charges, we do offer less-than-minimum quantity orders for an additional LTM charge.

o   Apparel - a LTM setup of $25 for <6 and $15 for <12

o   Promotional products will usually allow ½ of the listed catalog minimum, the additional LTM setup cost varies by manufacturer.


 What Are Your Lead Times?

·      Production Time is generally 2 weeks after proof approval for in-house apparel orders.

·      Add up to one week for promotional products as it takes an additional 2 – 5 days to ship depending on the FOB Point.


 Do You Offer Rush Services?

·      Yes, on a case by case basis we will do our best to meet your event or in-hands date.  Extra charges may occur for production and/or freight.


 Do You Offer Member Or Quantity Discounts?

·      We always assume a customer is getting multiple bids so we try to be as competitive as we can on every order while staying within our necessary margins.  


 Do You Decorate In-House?

·      Apparel is generally embroidered or heat pressed with vinyl, digital and screen print transfers in-house. 

·       To keep up with the latest technology and provide the best pricing, our screen printing is primarily done in two locations; one is a smaller, versatile shop owned by a former employee.  The other shop is a high-volume, state-of-the-art facility in Seattle. 

·      Promotional Products are primarily decorated at the manufacturer.  On some occasions we will order blank product in and have it decorated at a local decorator who has short-run capabilities.


Do You Provide Art Services?

•         We have a full time art staff and select contractors who specialize in converting art to printable files as well as designing custom logos or artwork for your promotion or organization.


What Are Your Art Fees? 

  ·      Art charges only occur on first-time orders of a specific product and design.  Our rates are $80 per hour with a minimum time/charge of 15 minutes or $20.00

  ·      Most designs come to us in vector or easily convertible files but, they still require an adjustment for print size and/or method of printing. In most cases a minimum charge of $20 covers the work needed

  ·      If we have to add copy or make simple design changes, we will provide an electronic proof for your approval, this service requires about ½ hour of work or $40.00.

  ·      A single new logo or design generally takes a few revisions and several hours of work, so the more information and examples you provide initially can save a lot of time and money.  $250 - $500.

  ·      A complete branding kit including multiple logo versions, specific colors, fonts, examples of logo use and all electronic files for your use can range from $1000 - $1500 depending on the number of revisions.


What Is Production Ready Artwork?

  ·      Vectorized art is best as it can be magnified without pixilation. Programs like Illustrator, Photoshop and Corel Draw all recognize vector images. Images and artwork pulled from websites are not vectored artwork and generally can never be used for high-quality artwork.

  ·      To create an embroidery design we will need to digitize it from a high-resolution artwork file. Artwork from websites is not high resolution. The easiest way is to email all your files to us and our art department can determine if they will work.


Do You Provide Company Store Services?

  ·      We can provide a flyer or an electronic store to meet your ordering needs.  The cost for designing and setting up the store or flyer is $60 for up to 4 products, and $15 per additional product offering.  Additional color and logo options will add to the cost and will be quoted.  This charge can either be paid up front or built into the price of the products.


Do You Provide Sizing Samples?

  ·      We can provide a flyer or an electronic store to meet your ordering needs.  The cost for designing and setting up the store or flyer is $60 for up to 4 products, and $15 per additional product offering.  Additional color and logo options will add to the cost and will be quoted.  This charge can either be paid up front or built into the price of the products.


Do You Replicate Copyrighted Logos or Art?

  ·      You must have permission to print copyrighted logos.  We assume a franchise, a branch or a re-seller has permission to use the corporate and organization logos of the product or service they represent.   

  ·      Sports or entertainment logos may be referred to but not replicated without permission.


Do You Provide Proofs Prior to Production?

  ·      We provide electronic proofs on all new orders of printed products. New embroidered logos require a sew-out to be approved by the customer.  These charges are generally included in the ‘art’ or ‘digitizing’ costs on the estimate.  A physical proof can be provided at a cost that includes the product, setups and shipping if applicable.  Some of these costs may be rebate-able with the final order.


Do You Print on Customer Provided Goods?

  ·      Reluctantly, yes with in-house embroidery or heat press only.  Our decoration pricing is based on the assumption that we are providing the goods to be decorated and that the product can be easily replaced by our suppliers if an error occurs. To offset the cost and risk, we charge a handling fee of $2.00 or 5% of the agreed, all-inclusive, replacement cost per garment, whichever is higher.  This ‘handling fee’ is above all the other setup and running charges

  ·     Also, we require a signed waiver that confirms we will reimburse the cost of the decoration and any damaged garment at the previously agreed price but, we will not be tasked with sourcing and shipping the replacement garment.


What Are Your Set-up Charges?

·      Embroidery Digitizing Fee:

o    One-time fee of $60.00 for a standard left chest or cap logo. Larger designs require a quote.  This includes the cost of a sew-out for your approval.  If you want to provide a garment for us to do the sew-out on, we require a signed waiver that we are not responsible for the cost of the garment on which we’re sewing. 


·      Digital Transfers:

o   One-time fee of $45 per design.


·      Screen-Print Setup Fee:

o   $40.00 per new screen. (per color/location)


·      Promotional Product Setup Fees

o   Setup fees are different based on the item you are ordering. Coffee mugs, pens etc. all have different setup fees from $25 - $65 for printed products. In general there is a setup fee per color of imprint. 


·      Dies for debossed products are generally in the $125 - $250 range


Why do I have to pay Re-Setup Charges on re-orders?

  ·     These costs vary, but Screen printing and DTG printing generally requires a re-set fee.  Screens are not kept on file, only the art that creates the screen is held.  Exact re-orders that have the same ink colors, print size and product specifications are quicker to process and print, but new screens and test prints must be run prior to your order being printed, thus the re-set fee. . 

  ·      Embroidery and most promotional products do not require re-set fees if it is an exact order and it is above our minimum quantities.


Do You Ship Or Deliver?

  ·      Yes, we pass on the cost of the UPS or Fed Ex charges and add a 15% handling fee for our labor and materials.

  ·      Deliveries can be made on our delivery schedule.


What Is Your Shipping Cost? 

  ·    "Why do I have a shipping cost when I’m picking up from the store?”  Budd Bay does not stock garments in our store so, every order requires we ship the product to our location prior to decorating.  Some shops choose to include this shipping cost into their product cost, but make no mistake, there is a cost, we choose to break every cost out independently.


Do You Offer Contract Printing?

  ·      Budd Bay is a full-service promotional product agency, not a contract-decorator.  We have limited agreements with other local shops similar to ourselves to help as needed, but it is not our core business.


Do You Offer A Guarantee?

  ·      Every customer will leave our shop feeling whole.  We will take responsibility for any errors and make it right.  We want you back.


What Are Your Billing Terms?

  ·      Pre-pay prior to production or 50% down, 50% payable at pickup. Unless other terms are mutually agreed.  We accept Visa or Mastercard.


What’s The Best Way to Decorate?

  ·      Embroidery despite its limitations, still has the highest perceived value and best durability.  Small fonts, half-tones, and fine details along with the cost of a high stitch count can limit the use of embroidery.

  ·      Digital transfers are being used more frequently as a replacement for embroidery especially on the new light-weight, high-tech fabrics. 

  ·      Screen Printing is still the best low-cost option for printing.  As a general rule, you should keep your print colors to one or two colors or locations per 12 garments.  Multiple colors on short runs might be more affordable with the digital prints.

  ·      Vinyl and Screen Printed, Heat press transfers are great for short-runs and uniform programs including personalizations and numbers.


 How do I get started?

  ·      The most convenient way to get your order started is by contacting our customer service at 1-360-709-0483. We will guide you through your order process from start to finish.


Can I visit your shop?

o    We prefer you make an appointment so that we’re better prepared. Our sales staff will walk you through our showroom and help you get your project started. We do have samples you can check out so you can bring back to your office or group for sizing.  Letterman jackets require an appointment..


Do You Provide Personalizations?

  ·      Yes, we can personalize your embroidered or printed apparel with your first and last name or title.  Price ranges from $5.00 - $15.00 ea., depending on the quantity.


Check list for new customers?

·      When we are setting you up as a new account, we will need the following information:

o   Company Name

o   Contact Name

o   Email Address

o   Address

o   Cell Phone

o   Work Phone


What are some popular logo placements?

  • Left Chest: 90% of all logos are here
  • Right Chest (generally monograms or personalizations)
  • Full Front: great for printing, but not embroidery
  • Full Back: great for printing and full back embroidery on jackets
  • Cap Front
  • Cap Back (great for websites or phone numbers)
  • Cap Left Panel: (very popular for a small discreet embroidered logo)


Is there a surcharge for sizes over XL?

  ·      Yes, there is a surcharge for garments bigger than XL. The bigger sizes use more fabric to produce and are not produced in great quantity due to demand.



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