Logo House is a locally owned and operated provider of branded merchandise and apparel. We have access to an unlimited chain of quality suppliers and work with the best local decorators. We also employ a team of graphics technicians to assist clients with their logo needs...be that conversion to "ready for printing" art or creative ideas and inspiration for a new logo or design.
Logo House works with a variety of organizations: companies, schools, teams, etc. References are happily supplied upon request.
Logo House is committed to building client relationships based on value being recognized by both parties.
Our entire organizational growth and success is rooted in "repeats and referrals". This cannot be accomplished without extraordinary customer service.
Logo House is uniquely structured with minimal overhead costs...allowing us to be extremely "nimble" in assisting our partners...whether that's an exceptionally quick turnaround, focused pricing on a particular item for an event, or "not blinking" at smaller orders.

In short, and as corny and old fashioned as it sounds...your success is our success.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Bill McIntyre
Founder of Logo House